Trays and Containers

Smart Storage for Small Parts

Organisation (Housekeeping) is an essential part of storing items in a vertical carousel or storage lift.

Choosing the right storage bin, tray or container not only provides a logical and well-ordered layout for easy part identification, it helps contain and secure items from the movement of the machines.

Storage Lift Containers:

Specially designed for use with storage lifts and tray depths of 800mm. VLM bins fully utilise the whole tray providing optimum capacity.

Available in 100, 200 or 400mm wide

100 or 200mm high

2 dividers supplied with each bin

Additional dividers available

Angled surfaces for labels/stickers.

Carousel Boxes:

Vertical Storage Carousels have carriers (or shelves) that are typically 400, 500 or 600mm deep.

There is a wide range of shelf bins, storage boxes and parts containers to suit the stored items. Optional dividers create multiple locations and labels for identification.

Euro Boxes and containers are suitable for larger or bulk items and can fit in both vertical carousels and vertical storage lifts.

For further information on our range of boxes or containers or to recieve a quotation for your requirements, please do not hesitate to make an enqiry.