Vertical Storage Lift – VLM

Vertical Storage Lifts:

High Density, Flexible, Efficient

A vertical storage lift module (VLM) is an automated storage and retrieval unit consisting of an extractor mechanism, located between two sections of stationary racking, inside a metal enclosure. A series of trays inserted in the front and rear racks are used to store product. When activated, the extractor device brings a requested tray or items from the rack to an ergonomically positioned workstation.

Automated storage systems, including vertical storage carousels, enable a large inventory to be directed to a picker at one fixed location. By eliminating the climbing, reaching, and bending necessary to pick from multiple levels, vertical storage systems produce a more efficient “parts to picker” instead of “picker to parts” workflow—increasing worker safety and productivity.

Found in many Leading companies, our vertical storage lift increase storage density (of up to 90%), throughput, and material handling efficiency while reducing inventory losses and labour costs. They efficiently deliver product to the operator, yielding a low-floor-space way of storing, securing, and retrieving anything from small parts to fixtures and tools.

Benefits of a Vertical Storage Lift

  • Greater storage capacity within the same floor space using available height
  • Therefore, reduced energy & storage costs
  • Automated processes increase performance
  • Continually flexible for new item dimensions
  • Can Integrate with existing work flow
  • Increased pick rates and accuracy
  • Better work place ergonomics
  • Secure and organised storage
  • Compliant with regulations
  • Provides a clean environment

Advanced technology as standard

  • Intelligent goods height detection
  • Fixed & Variable stock locations
  • Storage tray reshuffle (compression)
  • Comprehensive Software suite to suit requirements
  • Easy to use Touchscreen control
  • Full length safety light curtain
  • Vertical shaft monitoring
  • Load control monitoring
  • Standard long-life components for low maintenance operations
  • Rack & Pinion Drive – Strong and accurate
  • Robust and powerful lifting motors
  • Including a unique lightweight lifting table
  • Silent operating storage system
  • ECO mode and intelligent Lighting

Vertical Lift Range

  • 8 tray widths: 1825mm to 4025mm
  • 2 Tray Depths: 625mm and 815mm
  • Machine heiths up to 24 Metres
  • Machine Loads up to 60000 Kg
  • Tray Loads up to 700 Kg
  • Up to 4 openings per machine
  • Multiple Options available

LogiMat Vertical Storage Lift Specifications

ModelTray WidthTray DepthGoods HeightMachine Width
= Tray + mm
Machine DepthMachine HeightMax Load per TrayTotal Loading
LG1S1825 - 4025mm625mm100 - 575mm+ 510mm2712mm2450 - 15000mm<650 Kg60000 Kg
LG1D1825 - 4025mm815mm100 - 575mm+ 510mm3092mm2450 - 15000mm<650 Kg60000 Kg