Rotary Filing

ROTARY Filing System

Compact, Stylish, High Capacity

The ROTARY filing system offers two bays of shelving in one high capacity and simple to use cabinet. Stylish in appearance, the Rotary system can be considered as a single unit or a full run of units creating a storage wall or room divider that can (if required) be accessed from either side.

  • 2 units = 10 standard filing cabinets!

The ROTARY System is a double-sided revolving cabinet, a quarter turn push or pull in either direction gives access to the entire shelving space; another quarter turn provides fast closing.

Fully customisable, the ROTARY filing system is flexible to according the  dimensions of the material to be stored.

ROTARY Features:

  • Easy to move mechanism
  • Locking doors
  • Space saving add-on bases for multiple units
  • Variable height positions for the shelves to suit files and folders etc.
  • Multiple options available
  • Multiple lay-out possibilities
  • High Capacity

ROTARY Options:

  • Hanging file or standing file shelves
  • Pull out cradles for suspension files
  • Pull- out reference table
  • Lockable drawers
  • Garment rails
  • Shelf Dividers
  • Colour options

ROTARY Technical:

  • Unit depth: 787mm
  • Unit width: 1149mm Base unit or 968mm add-on unit
  • Height options up to 2350mm (8-tier unit)
  • Vertical pitch of the shelves: 12.5mm intervals

Rotary Configurations

A Partitioning that can contribute to high capacity filing…
Space saving and shared filing. Users have access to the same volume of files, but search and retrieval time is reduced
The most common application