Industrial Carousels

Vertical Storage Carousel

Industrial Storage Carousel

A vertical storage Carousel is a compact storage and retrieval unit (ASRS) consisting of a continuous series of shelves, known as carriers, that are used to store product. When activated, the machine ‘rotates’ and the requested carrier level is presented, via the quickest route; to an ergonomically positioned workstation.
Automated storage and retrieval systems, including vertical storage carousels, allow stock items to be presented directly to an operator, making climbing, reaching, and bending unnecessary. Automated storage systems produce a more efficient “goods to man” instead of “man to goods” workflow—increasing safety and productivity.
Storage Carousels can be seen in many companies, helping to increase storage capacity, throughput, ergonomic handling, reducing stock shortages and labour costs. They efficiently deliver stock to the operator and provide a space efficient way of storing and retrieving anything from small parts, electronics, fixtures and tools.


Benefits of a Vertical Storage Carousel

Industrial Storage Carousel

  • Increased storage capacity within a compact footprint using available height

  • Therefore, reduced energy & storage costs

  • Increased productivity and accuracy

  • Improved workplace ergonomics

  • Secure and organised storage

  • Compliant with regulations

  • Provides a clean environment

Proven technology as standard

  • Standard components for easy availability

  • High Chain Security Factor – Strong and Reliable

  • Auto Adjusting Drive-Chain tensioners

  • Robust self-braking drive motors

  • Full length safety light curtain

  • Load control monitoring

  • Comprehensive Software suite to suit requirements

  • Easy to use Touchscreen control

  • Multiple machine options available

  • Encoder for precision movements


Carousel Standard Opening

Standard Opening

1st Floor Carousel Opening

1st Floor Opening

Double Access Carousel

Double Access Openings

Carousel Range

  • Shelf widths: 1820 to 3500mm

  • Shelf depths: 400mm to 620mm

  • Machine height from 2.45 to 8m

  • Maximum machine load: up to 12 tons

  • Carrier load up to 500kg

  • Multiple options available

  • Access openings: Standard, elevated or double access.




The main panels are typically Grey, whilst the fascia panels are available in a range of RAL colours.


Industrial Storage Carousel PanelsIndustrial Storage Carousel PanelsIndustrial Storage Carousel Panels


Titan Carousel Specifications

ModelCarrier WidthCarrier DepthCarrier HeightM/C DepthM/C WidthM/C HeightLoad per CarrierTotal Payload
HD401820 - 2880mm520/620mm274 - 376mm1560mm2220 - 3280mm2469 - 6025mm120Kg4636Kg
G501820 - 2880mm340/400mm199 - 357mm1159mm2220 - 3280mm2469 - 6025mm180Kg5999Kg
G601950 - 2950mm520/620mm255 - 446mm1725mm2560 - 3560mm2508 - 7080mm250Kg8800Kg


R-Mag Carousel Specifications

ModelCarrier WidthCarrier DepthCarrier HeightM/C DepthM/C WidthM/C HeightLoad per CarrierTotal Payload
R-1302850mm415mm210 - 360mm1315mm3364mm2620 - 6170mm180Kg4000Kg
R-2002850mm415/615mm210 - 360mm1715mm3364mm2215 - 6025mm210Kg4000Kg
R-3002850mm415/615mm215 - 405mm1715mm3364mm2469 - 9025mm300Kg7000Kg
R-5002750mm415/615mm240 - 490mm1715mm3364mm2469 - 9025mm500Kg12000Kg



  • Multiple carrier types / configurations

  • Interface Kit / connection to PC

  • Management Software for local or host WMS control

  • Barcode Reader

  • LED Location indicator

  • Motorised shutter in opening

  • ESD Electrostatic discharge

  • Antistatic paint

  • Fire Protection

  • Insulation / Air Conditioning

  • Clean Room environment

  • Special requests



From a simple key command to access a storage level, or with optional software to provide comprehensive stock management, there is a solution available.

Industrial Carousel Keypad

Touchscreen Keypad

Industrial Carousel PC

Optional PC Control


Provides stand-alone management or a fully integrated solution to host systems.

The main functions include:

  • Pick & Receipt by Part

  • Pick & Receipt by Location

  • Pick & Receipt with quantities

  • User Management with permissions

  • Tracking/Reports per item/location/user

  • Barcode management

  • Order processing

  • Item management FIFO/LIFO

  • Inventory support

  • Multi-language

Carousel Software







  • Electronics: PCB and component storage