Spazio MultiBay VLM

The Versatile Warehouse

The Spazio range of MultiBay lifts are a vertical lift module system, that utilises a central extractor, that moves both vertically and horizontally.

With a traditional VLM, there is one set of controls and one vertical module of trays that makes up the machine. With the Spazio MultiBay lifts, there are up to 7 modules of trays controlled by a single set of controls. The MultiBay concept provides a highly dense storage capacity and is a very cost effective compared to multiple singular lift modules.

Spazio MultiBay Lift

The example to the left shows a Spazio composed of six tray modules and with two work stations, which allows for up to two trays to be picked at any one time. More work stations can be specified dependant on the requirements of the client.

Spazio MultiBay Lift

The more work stations the quicker the pick rate, but each work station reduces the overall potential storage capacity of the machine, as it takes up space which could otherwise be used for the storage of trays.

The example on the right shows two workstations, with four picking bays. This would allow two operatives to be picking from two trays each.


Spazio MultiBay Lift_7
It is possible to have work stations at different levels on the machine. This is an ideal solution for companies who have a different area for picking and replenishment.

The example to the left shows a workstation at the top of the machine which is accessed via a mezzanine floor area. There is also another workstation at the bottom of the machine which is accessed from the warehouse area below.

The number and positioning of workstations and pick windows, is fully configurable and designed to meet the exact requirement of the client.