For some companies, a lease finance plan makes commercial sense to enable expansion and acquire the vertical storage machinery needed to achieve this.

With our lease partners we are able to offer this option on the entire range of carousels; office equipment and vertical storage lift products.

Business Benefits

  • Leasing conserves cash and liquidity within the business for other uses.
  • The customer pays for the item whilst they use it – and enjoys its benefits.
  • A higher specification product can be purchased rather than trading-down to the budget available.
  • Leasing spreads the costs to match revenue stream.
  • Leasing allows for accurate budgeting of future expenditure, especially where comprehensive service and maintenance contracts are included in the lease.
  • Leasing costs are 100% tax-deductible at the rate of tax paid by the customer.
  • Leasing is an additional line of credit that does not affect other borrowings.