Used Storage Carousels and Lifts

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Reconditioned LogiMat Vertical Storage Lift (5 available)

Category:Used Storage Carousels
Machine Height12000mm Can be reduced to suit
Machine Width2880mm
Machine Depth2425mm + Worktop
Worktop Depth250mm
Total Number of Trays75 per machine
Tray Length2500mm
Tray Depth820mm
Tray HeightFixed Height Configurable
Tray Payload400Kg
Total Payload40000Kg
Supply Voltage415v 3-Phase N+E
Supply Current16A
LightingLED Overhead lights
SafetiesSafety table and e-stop

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Reconditioned Linpic 50-15-28

Category:Used Storage Carousels

Used Carousel Fitted with LED Lighting

Machine Height6080mm
Machine Width3150mm
Machine Depth1570mm +Worktop
Worktop Depth350mm
Total Number of Carriers28
Number of Single Tier Carriers3
Number of Double Tiered Carriers0
Number of Triple Tiered Carriers25
Carrier Length2530mm
Carrier Depth500mm
Carrier Height15" pitch (300mm)
Carrier Payload340Kg Per Carrier
Total Payload9520Kg
Supply Voltage415v 3-Phase N+E
Supply Current16A
LightingLED Strip lights
SafetiesPhotocells and trip bar

This storage carousel uses a simple keypad to allow the user to browse to the required carrier.

A software upgrade option is available on request allowing pick by location, pick by part description and inventory management.