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A Brief Company History

The original Autoscan company was formed in the early 1960’s as a subsidiary of Glasgow based John Wallace Engineering Limited. The company had formed a business relationship with Bertello SpA of Cuneo Italy with the intention of producing Automated Storage systems under licence for the UK market.

In 1968, Mr W.H. (Bill) Longley, who was at that time a manager with John Wallace Engineering, acquired Autoscan Limited and the operating offices were moved to London. Around this time an order for a 30ft tall storage carousel was placed for installation in Prince Phillip’s office in Buckingham Palace. This and other office storage solutions, which are still being used today, were manufactured to Bertello’s specification in the Glasgow factory.

Soon after this it was decided that it was more cost-effective to import the vertical storage systems direct from Italy and for several years the company’s customer base grew due to new installations mainly within the Government, Military, Insurance and Banking sectors.

For some 25 years the company operated with one full-time engineer and occasional sub-contracted assistance until Mr.Longley’s death, at the age of 72, in October 1993.

At that time Mr.N.A.Shelvey, Mr.Longley’s son-in-law, took over the management of the company and over the intervening years the company has grown in terms of customers, employees and revenue. In 1995 the company’s operating base was moved to Nottingham and subsequently distributorships were established with two further European automated storage equipment manufacturers.

In 2005 the company established a joint ownership of Storage and Construction Services Limited, industrial storage solutions experts and in February 2006 further expansion was undertaken with the acquisition of LHW Engineering Limited.

The Basic Principle

Whilst the equipment itself and appropriate features are important, logistic performance and profitability also count, only a total storage solution which integrates organisation, based on item mass, turnover and volume can enable you to maximise your logistics performance.

It is the overall balance of these elements that can bring top quality speed and efficiency to the management of a storage requirement.

We specialise in modern storage techniques and can offer you advice on all the elements which create a successful solution. Containers, fittings and transfer procedures, internal organisation, computer management, integration with the logistic chain etc…