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Optimise your warehouse operations

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Software Solutions

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Many warehouses have a large potential for improved efficiency and with a relative small investment in warehouse management software that supports automated operations, many cases show a return of investment of less than 1 year.

Besides the efficiency, other benefits are:

  • Improved quality, a well designed system ensures very few picking errors with happy customers as result.
  • Faster delivery time.
  • Better control of what is picked when.
  • You can't manage what you can't measure. It is important to have the tools that will provide the right information to allow an ongoing improvement process.
  • Easy integration to host systems like SAP and Microsoft Business Solutions and a platform that allows integration to nearly any other host system.
  • Do you already have a WMS system that works fine, but is not supporting automatic equipment like vertical lifts, etc. SHARK could also be the answer to manage only this part of the warehouse with a tight integration into the existing system.

So for industrial storage solutions and how to optimize your warehouse operations, please take a look at what we can offer.

SHARK is an intelligent software solution with special focus on automated storage and retrieval equipment. It is a scalable and flexible solution, which can be used for any installation from a small single computer to a multi-server site with a large number of clients.
SHARK is designed from the idea that huge savings in cost and time can be achieved by optimizing the performance of the warehouse by minimizing the manual work that has to be done, by finding optimal storage locations for each article, by controlling the sequence of orders to pick and by supporting advanced industrial storage solutions that improves the speed.

Another important issue is the quality of the warehouse operations, it is expensive to pick the wrong article and therefore SHARK supports control functions, barcodes in all areas, pick-to-light systems and other techniques that ensures the right article at the right place.

Advanced functionality is fine, but not if it requires special training to make use of it. SHARK is very easy to use for the normal operator, fast to learn and with intuitive functionality, so new operators can be trained to the system with a short introduction.


Gestock is stock management software, with automatic addressing; this software allows the inventory of the products, their location and optimization of input and output movements. Not only on static locations such as pallet racks and shelving, but also automated storage systems such as vertical carousel, vertical storage lift and self contained mini load systems
Schematically, Gestock knows the volumes of the available storage areas (machines, shelves, cupboards...), as well as their storage capacity. It also knows the necessary storage volume for each reference.

It gives a priority to site selection according to the storage criteria assigned to each reference (Screw = Vats, Engine = Shelves, Bottles = cupboards...).

All information can be visualized, printed and exported from the programme. Certain information, non-significant for the application, can be modified (picking errors for example). G-stock makes it possible to visualize through customized requests recorded or generated by you, all of the information and database.

Moreover, it ensures the traceability of movement of stock (batch, expiry, DLC, serialized products…).This function allows the withdrawal, the transfer or the request for quarantine of a batch or an obsolete product with transfer of address or not.

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