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Software Solutions

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Gestock Software

Gestock is stock management software, with automatic addressing; this software allows the inventory of the products, their location and optimisation of input and output movements. Not only on static locations such as pallet racks and shelving, but also automated systems such as carousels, lifts and self contained mini-load systems

Schematically, Gestock knows the volumes of the available storage areas (machines, shelves, cupboards...), as well as their storage capacity. It also knows the necessary storage volume for each reference. It gives a priority to site selection according to the storage criteria assigned to each reference (Screw = Vats, Engine = Shelves, Bottles = cupboards...).

All information can be visualised, printed and exported from the programme. Certain information, non-significant for the application, can be modified (picking errors for example).  G-stock makes it possible to visualise through customised requests recorded or generated by you, all of the information and database.
Moreover, it ensures the traceability of movement of stock (batch, expiry, DLC, serialised products…).This function allows the withdrawal, the transfer or the request for quarantine of a batch or an obsolete product with transfer of address or not..

USER-FRIENDLINESS: Gestock can be used in two different ways:

  • The RUNNING module, for all standard functionalities (inputs - outputs - movements…)
  • The MASTER module, for all setup functionalities, statistics, statements, requests...

Gestock therefore remains very friendly for the Running module users, and also very complete for the Master module user.

Gestock can give access to following functions through both modules:

Item management:

  • Creation, modification, removal of items,
  • Equivalence management.

Management of stored and treated product flows:

  • Local unit inputs and outputs ;
  • Local list inputs and outputs ;
  • Inputs and outputs by list coming from the central site ;
  • Graphic location of the stored zone (in 2D) ;
  • Item movement ;
  • Management of administrative positions ;
  • Booking articles or lists ;
  • Processing of missing items when entering inputs ;
  • Management of temporary outputs,
  • Management of owed items ;
  • Rotating inventories, by lists or by dates.

Management of the sites:

  • Configuration of the Stores;
  • Inhibition or validation of storing sites;
  • Multiple address storage;
  • Storage of kits which preparation is in process;
  • Volume management (loading factor...);
  • FIFO management, by batch, by validity date, by quantity, by location or manual;
  • Clearing the site or not when the quantity of items in such site is zero.
  • Management of empty spaces
  • Management of use frequency (option)

Import and export of the files coming from the central site:

  • Either on diskette or by direct transfer on the disk (ASCII format),
  • Or in real time through a link of the ODBC type.

Access Management:

  • Operation traceability;
  • Creation, modification and removal of access codes;
  • Assignment of storing areas dedicated to some access codes (option).

Statistics according to the criteria as per user’s choices (criteria saving).

Technical description

The porting of Gestock under Windows offers the opening onto Windows environment applications and their easy setup (parameter setting and printer setup, data exchanges through OLE and ODBC links, software integration in an office automation environment...).

Structure of the Software Package

Gestock is made out of 3 closely dependent programs :

Stock management program:

  • Items management
  • Sites management
  • Stored products management: Inputs, outputs, real time inventories...

Program to initialise the application:

  • Definitions of storage appliances: Name, address, number of levels, of zones...
  • Definitions of containers: Name, dimensions, volume...

Software setup program:

  • Validation and inhibition of the software different options
  • Weight management
  • Price management
  • Management of use frequency
  • Equivalence management
  • Access management


Gestock accepts 4 access levels:

Consultant’s level:
The operator can only consult stored items (no stock modification, no movements).

Operator’s level:
The operator can have access to all proposed functions (application normal working).

Supervisor’s level:
The person in charge for the warehouse can start Gestock, carry out movements in order to work out statistics, modify the length and the names of fields in the data bases. Moreover, the supervisor can set up free access points or associate an access right per operator to part or to the entire machine.

Configuration level (only for ELECTROCLASS):
The ELECTROCLASS staff sets up the application options, the client’s specifications and the external links if necessary.

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Gestock Software

Gestock Software

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