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Picking cart for Logimat vertical lifts

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What is a Logimate?

Logimate is an intelligent wireless picking cart that enables picking and stock input of large quantities of orders (e.g. batch orders) while eliminating the need to keep track of order sheets, bar code scanners, location numbers, etc. This makes picking and stocking procedures highly efficient as all required job procedures are scheduled, optimized, structured and coordinated.

The concept implies that both hands of the worker should be free for other activities. Our SHARK software solution in combination with Logimate (and Logimat vertical lifts) will constantly assist the picker and make his task as efficient and simple as possible.

What is a Logimate

Logimate is equipped with a number of locations* (standard number is 12) which will each collect the items belonging to a specific order. Should you need to pick more than 12 orders at a time, this will simply require additional Logimate carts.

In the SHARK software solution the Logimate locations are paired with a certain number of orders (typically corresponding to the number of locations in the Logimate carts used in the picking zone). This makes picking (or storing, a similar process) of items virtually effortless.

* Number and size of these can be tailored to specific requirements

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