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Picking cart for Logimat vertical lifts

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Picking from the Logimate

Picking from the Logimate

One of the most powerful properties of Logimate is the ability to automate large portions of everyday tasks.

With the simple and well-structured work routines scheduled and optimized by the Logimate SHARK software, the daily tasks of picking and storing can be done without any effort.

Picking orders via Shark



  1. Order flow between ERP and SHARK
    All orders are automatically and continuously transferred from the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to SHARK. The orders will appear instantly on the SHARK order screen, ready for picking.

  2. SHARK optimization of orders
    Orders to be picked are selected and paired with Logimate locations (this process may also be performed in advance). At the same time, SHARK will optimize the orders, making them available for fast and efficient retrieval.

  3. Picking orders
    Via non-complex panels SHARK will display those locations in the Logimate shelf from which to pick the individual items, as well as the number of items to be picked (see screenshot).

  4. Collection of orders with Logimate
    The red location light on the Logimate cart shows the box that will contain the order to be picked. The operator is only required to place the items in the specified box and push the button to accept the picking. Should identical types of items be required for other orders, these will be picked at the same time. This operation will be repeated until all orders have been completed.

  5. LogiPointer
    If LogiPointer (location pointer for Logimat vertical lift) has been installed; the direction will be indicated by a light marking.

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