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Picking cart for Logimat vertical lifts

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100% scalable and flexible solution

The Logimate solution is fully scalable – you can begin with one cart and add more according to your needs.

In principle Shark will be able to handle an infinite number of order lines during one picking round, and there is as yet no known limit to the number of Logimate carts that may be operated in your storage facilities.

Furthermore, Logimate is 100 per cent software-based, in the sense that the functionality of your Logimate carts will be updated automatically with all the newest features via the SHARK software.

As standard Logimate is delivered with 4 swivel wheels, 2 of which have brakes. Against an additional fee it may also be delivered with 2 fixed centred wheels and 4 swivel wheels placed in the corners. This way of mounting the wheels gives each cart an immense directional stability, making it easy to drive and enabling it to turn on its own axis. Furthermore, we can deliver Logimate with all types of wheel coatings and with wheel locking devices etc.

Choice of colours Choice of colours
Logimate can be adapted to fit your company’s “corporate identity” – you have the extra option of choosing between a variety of colours.
LogiPointer LogiPointer
When using Logimate in combination with Logimate vertical lifts a 100 per cent “pick-to-light” solution can be achieved by using the LogiPointer option of Logimat (location lights for Logimat).
Wireless data transfer Wireless data transfer
Logimate complies with industrial standards for wireless data transfer.
The connection to SHARK is established via a standard 802.11-based network (or, optionally, via Bluetooth). The modularized design ensures that your Logimate carts can always be upgraded to comply with the latest market standards for wireless data transfer.

Logimate Accessories

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