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Giro-Class Office Carousel

The file comes to you, rather than you chase the file

At the touch of a button (or better still, at the flash of a bar-code), the selected shelf is positioned in front of the operator and a light indicates the location of your desired record, making file retrieval more efficient (access to a record in less than 20 seconds).

Space Saving

Giro-Class utilises the full room height ensuring a maximum storage capacity and minimal footprint to store your records. Space savings of up to 80% can be achieved when compared to conventional storage systems.

  Giro_Class Office Carousel

Let's Compare!

Typical System compared to Giroclass System


Giro-Class is a computer controlled vertical carousel system (paternoster) with rotary shelves (carriers) that fully utilises any available height. It is ideal for storing high volumes of data / product and consequently applicable to all settings where the repeated referral or selection is of importance for their smooth operation.

The machine is controlled by either a simple numerical keypad or PC equipped with stock management software.
Linked to our Colour Coded Indexing and Record Tracking system, Giro-Class allows complete auditable record keeping.


Giro-Class moves the stored material to the workstation, without any physical intervention on the part of the operator. Rotation, clockwise or counter clockwise is always carried out quickly by following the shortest route

Health & Safety in the workplace requirements are met perfectly by the automatic storage system since the worktop is always in an ergonomic position and the material is always in a position that avoids personnel from bending down or reaching up.

Paint Finish

Standard paint finish for all models is:
RAL 7035 (Light Grey) to front/rear panels
RAL 7036 (Mid Grey) to side panels.
Custom paint finish is available as an option.


Giro-Class is equipped with rotary carriers that can be fitted with different accessories according to need, such as simple dividers or removable bins.

  Efficient Giro-Class

Versatile Giro-Class System

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