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  Miniload Automated Warehouse
Automatic handling of loads stored and organised in trays

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Miniload Automated Warehouse

In Further Detail

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The Range
150 or 315kg per tray

Height Length Tray width Tray depth Tray height
Standard up to 9m Standard up to 40m From 960mm up to 1600mm From 405mm up to 650mm From 90mm up to 450mm

Miniload SILO, the fully automated warehouse… Providing optimal storage and traceability

  • Maximum storage capacity with minimal footprint
  • Rapid Access
  • Location Management
  • Logistic performance
  • Security of products

SILO has two consulting bays at the front of the machine, but can be fitted with additional bays (on the back or sides)
It can also be fitted with accumulation stations.


SILO  at home in the office or warehouse…



Various workstation options

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Whatever your storage requirements, email either Chris Renshaw or David Saunders at AutoScan to discuss further

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