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  Miniload Automated Warehouse
Automatic handling of loads stored and organised in trays

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Miniload Automated Warehouse

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The Miniload Automated Warehouse or SILO is intended for the automatic handling of loads stored and organised in trays.

The trays, arranged in multiple sets of bays retrieved by a crane running down a central corridor form the structure of the SILO.

Trays are removed (or stored) by the cranes platform, to a work station, instructions can be sent direct from the integrated touch screen or via computer equipped with our Gestock management software where the SILO can manage locations dynamically depending on the volumes to be stored.

4 Steps of a cycle

  • The operator specifies a part number or reference directly on a PC or via a barcode reader
  • The crane docks in front of the tray containing (or to receive) the relevant part
  • The tray is removed and taken to the workstation
  • The user confirms on the PC the loading/picking
Miniload Automated Warehouse

Compact storage with full use of the available height
Saves floor space therefore reducing operating costs
Up to 5M3 can be stored on each M2

Modularity and storage volume
Easy to expand by adding bays
Tailored solution depending on the storage needs

Automated inputs/outputs
Several thousand references are available at every workstation
Reduces walking distance, saves time, eliminates errors, user and item security, ergonomic

Fine tuned racking
Volumes and packaging formats can be perfectly accommodated

Multiple Workstations
2 front workstations + back or lateral workstations
4 operators can work simultaneously

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