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  Vertical Storage Lift

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Vertical Storage Lift

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LogiMat Options

A number of options exist to enhance both the functionality and appearance of the LogiMat.
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Vertical Storage Lift Options


Logimat Safe

LogiSafe is an electrically operated roller shutter, which when required, seals the pick-window of the LogiMat – a perfect solution for the protection of valuable goods.

LogiSafe can be fitted with various locks and automatic trigger devices - our standard version locks with a key. The Logisafe is finished in anodized aluminium.

LogiSafe can of course be combined with all our other options.


Logimat Tilt

LogiTilt is a tilting device fitted in the LogiMat pick-window. By being able to tilt the tray up to 45 degrees, the picking depth is minimized and the operator no longer needs to stretch in order to pick items from the rear of the tray and at the same time the overview of the tray is optimized.

By combining LogiTilt and LogiLift (the adjustable pick-height option) the world’s most ergonomic picking station is obtained.

Logimat Pointer  

Logimat Pointer

LogiPointer makes it even easier to locate the right items in the LogiMat trays. LogiPointer interfaces with our picking software SHARK (or a similar application) and receives the information from which location the goods are to be picked, at the same time a beam of light pinpoints the precise location within the tray.

It is perfect for a flawless “pick-to-light” solution.
LogiPointer can of course be combined with our other options.

Logimat Lift  

Logimat Lift

LogiLift is a variable height pick-window, individually adjustable to each operator; this guarantees a 100% ergonomically correct picking height from a presented tray.

By combining LogiLift with LogiTilt (the tilting device for LogiMat trays), the world’s most ergonomic picking station is obtained.

LogiLift is supported by our picking software SHARK. When an operator logs on, the pick-window is automatically adjusted to the programmed personal picking height.

Logimat Turbo  

Logimat Turbo

With our latest option for the LogiMat vertical lift, we have succeeded in making a fast picking solution even faster.

LogiTurbo is an extra picking position, fitted inside the main pick-window and thus an extension of the controlling software. This option offers a much higher picking rate than before, especially on installations with only a few vertical lifts.

Logimat Colour  

Logimat Colour

With LogiColor the LogiMat vertical lift can be customised to your company colours.
The standard LogiMat colour is white, but as an option we can supply it in any available colour, as well as in any colour combination – the only limit is imagination.

How about LogiMats that are 100 % adapted to your corporate identity? An inspiring colour choice can enhance the working environment, it can also present a professional image of your company to visitors – and when the world is full of colours, why shouldn’t your warehouse be, too…



Logimate is an intelligent wireless picking cart that enables picking and stock input of large quantities of orders (e.g. batch orders) while eliminating the need to keep track of order sheets, bar code scanners, location numbers.

Logimate is equipped with a number of locations* (standard number is 12) which will each collect the items belonging to a specific order

Click here to go to the Logimate page

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