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Case Studies

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Northampton Police HQ
Police file more reports thanks to AutoScan

Northampton Police HQ Case Study

One of the busy Headquarter operations is the tape library. As part of a refurbishment programme, the library was relocated and the contents had to be accommodated within the smallest floor area.

This has been accomplished by the installation of a new carousel system, taking only a 4.42 sq M footprint (less than a 1/3 of the space needed by conventional racking) and making full use of the height of the room by building through the suspended ceiling.

In order to provide the maximum storage capacity, customised boxes were produced to the customer’s specification; the result is a collection in excess of 20,000 tapes.

The carousel now brings the selected item to the operators, quickly and logically at an ergonomic working height.

The available floor space for other equipment and activities has been substantially increased, as a result of the carousels installation.

Installation and on-site training for operatives of the unit was completed quickly and efficiently within the customer’s time constraints.

Number of machines 1
Height 2.85 metres
Tray size 2850 x 415mm
Number of carriers 16
Extras Custom storage trays
Control On-board touch pad
Location call up


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