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  Case Studies

Case Studies

>> Damstahl Tooling

>> Northampton Police HQ

>> Royal Air Force

>> Airbus

>> DBC Medier

>> Novo Nordisk

DBC Medier
LogiMat lends a hand to library service

DBC Medler Case Study Logimat Video

You can see the YouTube video here.

  DBC Medier prepares books for libraries. They place "envelopes" for lender cards inside books, they cover the front and back of the books with plastic etc.

Each library has one location (box) in one of the Logimat’s, 9 boxes per tray. Totally 1100 boxes (customers)

When the books have been finished in the production, the order forms are scanned, and this scanning calls a tray.
When a tray is at the work-opening the computer screens shows the boxes which the books are going to be placed in.

At the same time one of 9 lamps shows the same. Having placed the books you can either press enter at the touch screen or at the lamp.

Each customer has decided how often they want a delivery. It could be each week or when the location is full.
When one of these two situations occurs, an invoice and a label is printed, the invoice is placed into the box, box closed, label on, box out and shipped, and a new empty box placed instead.

The special thing is that this installation is used for assembling of order lines and not for picking.

As a result of the installation, the available warehouse floor space for other activities has been substantially increased.

Installation and on-site training for both operatives and remedial maintenance staff of the three units were completed quickly and efficiently within the customer’s time constraints.

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